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If we can’t get you a bank Approval
We use our own money to get you Approved

Who we are

We are an auto financing company, working with most major banks and private lenders. we partner with Successful dealerships in Ontario and Quebec. Our secret to success is our financing background.
The old method of selling vehicles does not focus on the financing details.
Dealerships still using this method tend to hire salespeople with no financing experience to fill out the customer applications and send them to many banks with hopes of attaining approval.

Fortunately, they will sometimes get approval from one or two banks by using this method.

Unfortunately, what you don’t know is that because they submit these applications to many banks, every single rejection negatively affects the overall credit and decreases the applicant’s credit score.

➤ let’s get you approved today!

What we do differently

Our financing knowledge and experience help us to build every case differently.
We ask our customers many questions about their financial history to obtain their full and true history.
With the information we collect, we are able to analyze which bank is suitable to their situation, then send out this application to that bank we are confident will approve it. We can even advise clients on the lender risk factor and how the deduce interest rates.

We know:

  • How to negotiate with the banks’ and lenders’;
  • How to calculate client income and debt ratio; 
  • How to focus on the customer’s credit story to highlight desirable financial behaviors;
  • The programs, methods and laws of every single lender (bank);
  • What they do and don’t approve on customer applications.;
  • How to work with all major banks and private lenders;

➤ let’s get you approved today!

Our advantage

Every rejection from the lender (bank) negatively affects your credit. Also, every approval helps your credit.
Thanks to our financial knowledge, we are able to help build your credit by ensuring your application is approved by the lender.
When you sit down with our financing manager, they take the time to go through your credit history step by step to show you where the weaknesses are and how you can fix them and avoid these mistakes in the future.
This process usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. This is a complimentary service, absolutely free, that we offer to all our clients!

Ask us about the 12-month free program we offer to rebuild your credit!

➤ let’s get you approved today!

Approval guy


Iraj Khan
Approval Guy
Sarah Boileau
President of Finance
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Executive Vice President
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Sales Manager